Unboxing and installing ALL the mad parts on our twin charged Nissan

22. feb.. 2021
655 343 Ganger

Marty's beloved Nissan March Superturbo is getting some fresh JDM parts, some custom restored wheels and suspension.
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Whats a March Super Turbo Anyway?
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    Mighty Car ModsMighty Car Mods9 dager siden
    • Figaro poly bushe kit and strut brace will help the handling.

      SARACEN77SARACEN772 dager siden
    • Thanks a lot for the Videos like this. I regret selling my little K10 & missing it more when i see you guys working on the super turbo. It's fun little nugget. Great to immortalizing it & you guys in WD-40. Glad you keep it forever among with your mighty car collection...

      Rajitha JayatilekaRajitha Jayatileka6 dager siden
    • Q

      LT Motor CoLT Motor Co7 dager siden
    • You guys are absolutely around the world. Cheers from Brazil!

      Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique8 dager siden
    • This is what I love about this channel and you guys. You take this old little Japanese hatch back that any normal non car person wouldn’t pay 500 bucks for, and because YOU love it you go so over the top but not in a stupid custom everything way, or give it stupid power. Just making the car nice and clean with reliability, even if it’s not worth it.

      Steve SteeleSteve Steele8 dager siden
  • If it rubs, its wrong.

    Gixxer983Gixxer98330 minutter siden
  • Us Saab owners feel your pain about the lack of local parts availability. Nonetheless some cars are definitely worth the extra effort. Wish they would have sold those in the States. Very cool.

    MassiveTrackHunterMassiveTrackHunter4 timer siden
  • 12:35 cries in Canadian... It looks like something 2 years old! 😂

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 timer siden
  • the turbo flutter is awsome

    Da1 Da1Da1 Da112 timer siden
  • What moog intended to say was This Nissan super turbo is a worthless piece of turd Beautiful and great condition But still a piece of turd Coz Marty's never gonna sell

    Nehil JoshiNehil Joshi12 timer siden
    • So when are you gonna become real you tubers? Oh yeah I forgot you already did the Supercar thing, maaad legit youtuber cred achieved!

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty9 timer siden
  • I heard mystery lube box

    Raider JohnRaider John15 timer siden
  • Awesome. I’ve been missing this nuggety goodness. That little 1.0 liter is pretty impressive!

    Eric LockEric Lock17 timer siden
  • When you getting back to cool cars??

    Vision MediaVision Media19 timer siden
  • Is this what we call in uk Nissan cherry turbo (🍒 turbo.)

    Wayne JohnsonWayne Johnson23 timer siden
  • I share this love 👌 On my Classic Plymouth there are so many new (old) parts that are factory or better replacements yet my cars almost 50 years old! Nothing better then that 👌💪 Old but not forgotten💪

    NOTaMODNOTaMODDag siden
  • THIS! This is why I started following your videos, guys.. Don't hate the new, but do appreciate, keep, modernize and love the old (nuggets), because they too can still pack a nice punch and be tons of fun. :) Got a Daihard Cuore myself (international Mira), a rare sight here, and when I saw you guys doing yours, I was hooked... As a proud owner of a 1988 Yugo as well, with a bit of souping-up done to it, I totally get it. It's not JDM, but you might wanna check that one out and consider adding it to your bucket list under the category "old and underappreciated nuggets" (or hated). Being a relatively close relative of the Delta and Uno, it's a very giving project to take on with tons of possible directions to go, and I'd assume it's super-rare in your area.. Plus, those 13s sure would fit the Yugos' boxy styling nicely as well, at least as a second set.. :) Keep rocking on!

    Nikola DjuričićNikola DjuričićDag siden
  • 26:06 that is what you came for!

    Miha StravsMiha StravsDag siden
  • Hey so I’m thinking of making a short video of a few you tubers who are all into cars etc . And with st Patrick’s day coming up . I was hoping I could teach you could say 2 or 3 words of irish and then you give a short 2 minute video of your project/S or channel. And at the end say happy st Patrick’s day. I’ll try and get a few people to do it, and then stick it together in a single video . Would you be up for that ?

    Steven HarperSteven HarperDag siden
  • 26:49 The shop ghost strikes back. (The hat in the background)

    CodieCodieDag siden
  • Schrodinger's Car. It's worth nothing and everything until it's sold.

    carlobicarlobiDag siden
  • 12:35 cries in Canadian... It looks like something 2 years old! 😂

    Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • I think that next nugget is finally that blue first gen RX7 they've been teasing for a while now.... I really hope so

    Johnny55Johnny55Dag siden
  • Maaad nugg ! 😅👌🏼👊🏻

    mbgarnermbgarnerDag siden
    • Very nice car. I hav a a march witha an E15et turbo engine. Nissan figaro poly bush kit and front strut brace will stiffen it a treat.

      Rock girlRock girlDag siden
  • Holy shit, the work on those wheels!

    Roelf KromhoutRoelf KromhoutDag siden
  • So when are you gonna become real you tubers? Oh yeah I forgot you already did the Supercar thing, maaad legit youtuber cred achieved!

    Revengeful LobsterRevengeful Lobster2 dager siden
  • Have you guy's looked at the honda 660 k-car plain or fited with the Neo classic body kit? Looks amazing.

    Johnnie LundahlJohnnie Lundahl2 dager siden
  • Man you blokes are still working on the floor with Jack stands.. now I feel bad for wanting a hoist 🤣

    spring6meowspring6meow2 dager siden
  • "$69 will get you into Cheryll's box" SUCH a bargain! I think I paid $500 last time.

    kolim jonekolim jone2 dager siden

    PROcrastiDRIVE SVPROcrastiDRIVE SV2 dager siden
    • Nissan Micra here in UK

      kolim jonekolim jone2 dager siden
  • I’m bourn 1990 and im 30 years old

    michael nnielsenmichael nnielsen2 dager siden
  • This and the mira are my favorite of the cars

    dewie22811dewie228112 dager siden
  • In before Moog imports a Starlet to rival the March

    Ned FlandersNed Flanders2 dager siden
  • How did you get your KYB Blues imported from Japan? I tried to get some but import monster told me they won’t import shock absorbers for me into Australia :(

    shane buchananshane buchanan2 dager siden
  • “it’s deep throat” interesting way to describe an exhaust sound but i’ll take it 🤣

    ShalamiShalami2 dager siden
  • so clean underneath

    Gary HollanderGary Hollander2 dager siden
  • The new wheels are fine but the old ones are super beautiful and i prefer them so much more

    eli bringaseli bringas2 dager siden
  • Just trying to get a barometer, am I the only one who thinks all the custom wheels in recent mightycarmods history are... not the jam?

    thisguyDrakethisguyDrake2 dager siden
  • Very nice car. I hav a a march witha an E15et turbo engine. Nissan figaro poly bush kit and front strut brace will stiffen it a treat.

    SARACEN77SARACEN772 dager siden
  • "$69 will get you into Cheryll's box" SUCH a bargain! I think I paid $500 last time.

    ThrockmortonThrockmorton2 dager siden
  • 26:50 hat falls off shelf in background, mad shit, swear that place is haunted lol, another great episode thou

    OutbreakPlaysOutbreakPlays2 dager siden
  • wheels look soo good!! what legends you guys are

    Matt JohnsonMatt Johnson2 dager siden
  • Still loving the soundtracks to every one of these videos 6 years later

    alessandro toccialessandro tocci3 dager siden
  • love the stuff falling over in the background is back. so weird, and no explanation.

    Robert SavelloRobert Savello3 dager siden
  • I dig the TB303 in the beginning

    DJ StatykDJ Statyk3 dager siden
  • Nissan Micra here in UK

    McLaren FormulaMcLaren Formula3 dager siden
  • Love the enkei wheels 😍

    Jekferrr JerrJekferrr Jerr3 dager siden
  • @9:25 what on earth is happening outside the garage? I'd say something with cats but I haven't ever heard a cat sound like that.

    silverbullitt850silverbullitt8503 dager siden
  • You guys know.. ( as the mini allso has 13's) you can get Yokohama's? sizes 13 semi slicks A048 and normal very grippy A539....

    Robbert KlunderRobbert Klunder3 dager siden
  • Oooh goody, non-Audi content...

    TheMattbrownbillTheMattbrownbill3 dager siden
  • soooo we are not going to talk about the foot at 26:08?

    Callsign AutistCallsign Autist3 dager siden
  • Whats going on at 32:35? There’s a portageist throwing something, maybe a cap, off the shelf in the background!

    Paul MurphyPaul Murphy3 dager siden
  • Shit car!!! Looks and sounds like garbage

    Andrew DeringisAndrew Deringis3 dager siden
  • Finally! Haha EDIT: so cool you guys got your car imortalized on a WD-40 spray can.

    Wind of changeWind of change3 dager siden
  • In a good few videos something always falls in the background! A box offthe shelf at 26.52 Ami missing something?

    doug Adoug A3 dager siden
  • Lmfao always with the foot lol really cracks me up every time

    Shayne JopsonShayne Jopson3 dager siden
  • WD40!

    Chris StansenChris Stansen3 dager siden
  • The part we’re their washing their hands 😂

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt3 dager siden
  • MartyCarMoog's back to the nuggets

    White WolfWhite Wolf3 dager siden
  • Can i have the old wheels for one of my Sherpa’s?

    Playwme BawlsPlaywme Bawls3 dager siden
    • The part we’re their washing their hands 😂

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt3 dager siden
  • Schrodingers Nugget, the new philosophy of classic car values.

    Playwme BawlsPlaywme Bawls3 dager siden
  • I'd add nitrous. Just for this scenario: Car show guy: We're parking the turbos there, supercharged cars over there, and nitrous in the back. Which is this? You: Yes.

    TexMexTexMex3 dager siden
  • I love the Fujitsubo exhaust I installed on my MX5, much quieter and better sounding than the modified chopped up exhaust I had. Most notably it seems appropriately sized, slightly wider, less bends, not too loud, perfect fitment. Fujitsubo Legalis R, 1996 MX5 Toyota AE101 Individual throttles and speeduino ECU coming soon!

    Henry WaitHenry Wait3 dager siden
  • 26:05 for the freakz out there

    Jordan HoltJordan Holt3 dager siden
  • Yay for JDM nuggetry!

    Joseph DunsmoreJoseph Dunsmore3 dager siden
  • You guys should offer a second, non-ADHD version, with a 4k camera that mostly stays still, sitting back and wide so everything is in the shot. The first few minutes of this episode were nearly comically bad. "*ZOOM OUT*" ZZZZZZOOOOM THE F**** OOOOOOUTTTT!!!! AAARRGHH!!! If I wanted to randomly have you guys cropped out of the scenes I could just enable a floaty video pan-zoom widget to keep my bum happy.

    V0S1N0V0S1N03 dager siden
  • great another turd

    Johnny ChimpoJohnny Chimpo3 dager siden
  • Oh, I thought you were talking about the NX Coupe, and no... More content about the NX Coupe, please.

    P. InformáticoP. Informático3 dager siden
  • Supercharged micras great little turbos we had them in Ireland from japan too but we had at same time gt turbo starlets and the charade gtti Dihatsu charade 👍👍

  • 26:07 lmfao every time

    Stephen GedsonStephen Gedson3 dager siden
  • that job with the rims mate, awesome

    Hachiroku SpainHachiroku Spain3 dager siden
  • Is your shop haunted? That's the second video where I noticed something falls in the background. Maybe I missed a running joke?

    mXxxxXm24mXxxxXm243 dager siden
  • Did u guys just made a set of threepiece construction enkei rp01? 😌 interesting.

    Muhammad IrhamMuhammad Irham3 dager siden
  • thanks boys, as always, was a pleasure

    Ben NorfolkBen Norfolk3 dager siden
  • The part we’re their washing their hands 😂

    William TomlinsonWilliam Tomlinson3 dager siden
  • I actually used KYB shocks to replace my original 90' Miata's shocks. Nice upgrade from blown out garbage, lol.

    DarkDark3 dager siden
  • I think there is a bigger market for bitcoin then there is for super turbos

    Callan DaveyCallan Davey3 dager siden
  • 23:37 anyone know which MCM song this is?

    Thaneem JakuThaneem Jaku3 dager siden
  • Nissan March is so awesome, you can put 100 hp in that engine bay!.. ... o.O ... If you also convert the halogen bulbs with led you will get more spark or chill in the A/C Lada Marsh is pretty awesome too..

    MoVieZafterMidNiGhTMoVieZafterMidNiGhT3 dager siden
  • Since you guys are "restoring" it why don't you deep clean the interior?

    taswaf rahmantaswaf rahman4 dager siden
  • When do you build an old Volvo 240 or 740 with T5 engine (volvo 5 cylinder turbo engine)

    Metti BardhiMetti Bardhi4 dager siden
  • I like when you guys do weird Japanese cars again :)

    3rdpartyU5er3rdpartyU5er4 dager siden
  • back in da puryti !! fuck 4x4 !!

    Elfo siouxElfo sioux4 dager siden
  • 26:50 the Cap in the Background is falling down! The Ghost is back on his work again!

    Dark Light MagicianDark Light Magician4 dager siden
  • Whoever made the intro, good job. It's awesome.

    givingtntgivingtnt4 dager siden
  • that car is stunning,love the jdm stuff.would like to see some renault,puego,citreon stuff if you have the chance...

    trillrif axegrindortrillrif axegrindor4 dager siden
  • Anyone know what the old wheels were?

    Seriously injuredSeriously injured4 dager siden
  • That exhaust is very well made.

    Mike HedrickMike Hedrick4 dager siden
  • Are you guys moving to paid service as there appears to be more sales stuff each ep?

    Matt GuthrieMatt Guthrie4 dager siden
  • Does anyone happen to know the song @ 12:20?

    Lada.Lada.4 dager siden
  • Just bought my MCM towel to be shipped here to Northern California USA. Thank you guys for all the hours of great entertainment!

    Scale MOB ScalersScale MOB Scalers4 dager siden
  • What feel off the shelf behind the car at 26:50?

    Jim bob2753Jim bob27534 dager siden
  • I have pilot sport 3’s on my bmw 428i convertible, they’re super grippy

    Ugur OrsUgur Ors4 dager siden
  • Someone had recently seen Blade when new introtune got made.. =P

    infjernoinfjerno4 dager siden
  • Anybody gonna talk about the sudden foot included into the washing of hands?

    Joshua OngJoshua Ong4 dager siden
  • Miniture Car Mods

    Ragdoll RacingRagdoll Racing4 dager siden
  • I was like "is that a foot?"

    the nice guythe nice guy4 dager siden
  • Thank you so much for some awsome content! I saw one of your first videos when i just got my first car, i saw you guys fixing cars in your drive way and inspiret me to do the same to my car! I change the motor, installed coil overs, exhaust and wheels,on my Opel Corsa B ( Vauxhall Corsa) and even done stereo upgrade. all that in my parentes drive way, thanks to you guys!!

    NuqqiiNuqqii4 dager siden
  • “It’s deep throat” moog

    netsirt Ayenetsirt Aye4 dager siden
  • Ghost sighting at 26:50....wtf!

    zak Adamszak Adams4 dager siden
  • Anyone notice the hat falling off the shelves at 26:50 ?

    Kieran TysonKieran Tyson4 dager siden
  • 1 minute in. Take my love, respect and weird staring.. I love the car and enthusiasm! Go get em boi’s!!

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnon4 dager siden
  • Item falling off the shelf at 26:51 🤣🤣

    daniel dillondaniel dillon4 dager siden
  • Ghost knocked a hat off the shelf at 26:51

    Stephen EllisStephen Ellis4 dager siden
    • the benefit of not blowing the head gaskets

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnon4 dager siden
  • The black-and-white congo observationally lighten because coal corroboratively found unlike a aboard cartoon. optimal, obeisant peanut

    Andre WilliamsAndre Williams4 dager siden